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Helpful Links

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Helpful Links to Access All Corners of Library Land





Image courtesy of Microsoft Office 


Resource           Description 

Destiny Online Public Access Catalog




"Web-based union catalog and inventory system of K-12 library collections in all schools."*








*Click on Relay, then log in with your child's BCPS username and password to access eBooks                                            


Digital Content, Databases, Virtual Resources 




"Access your child's library 24/7 via the Internet. Homework resources are a click away. Here you will find TumbleBook e-books for K-5, TumbleRe adables e-books for 6-12, World Book Encyclopedia, Science in Context, Literature Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints, BrainPop, SIRS Magazines and Newspapers, History, Visual Thesaurus, and much more."  







Web 2.0 Toolbox 



"Alphabetical index and tutorials for all tools listed in this [ODL Resource] wiki, including keyword tags and targeted users." 










BCPS Grades K-4 Research Model



"This guide includes skills for each step in a research process aligned to student learning standards." 










BCPS GRADES 5-8 Research Model


"There are many different ways to approach research, but research is often easiest if you use a model with specific steps that can be applied  to any topic you might choose.  For middle school students, Baltimore County Public Schools has selected the Guided Inquiry Research Process Model. It is a highly flexible model that will help guide you through all parts of a research project."  



ODL Resource Wiki 



Visit this wiki for information about cutting-edge Web 2.0 tools as well as information about eBook/digital database access.  All brought to you by the friendly folk of the BCPS Office of Digital Learning!  









Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award

"The Black-Eyed Susan Book Award is a children’s choice award for the state of Maryland. Each year since 1992, the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award has been given to authors and/or illustrators of outstanding books chosen for the award by Maryland students. The award seeks to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging students to read quality, contemporary literature." 








*Note: Direct quotes taken from linked websites*

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